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Workshops are offered every spring and fall during the cattle works.

"Shooting West Texas Photography Workshops at the historic Kokernot o6 Ranch"

April 2022 (DATES COMING SOON) - 3 days of workshop.   Pick and choose as many days as you like.

    1st workshop day = $750, each add-on workshop day is $350


The Kokernot o6 Ranch is one of the largest ranches, covering 2 of the largest counties, in Texas.  Founded in 1912, this ranch is worked the same as they did 100+ years ago with cowboys rounding up and working cattle on horseback.  The o6 Ranch is some of the most beautiful land you will see with its deep canyons and tall mountains.


This is a private ranch and family owned.  As an attendee of the Shooting West Texas Photography Workshop you can be one of the few that get to experience and photograph the West from once upon a time.


We will arrive o6 Ranch Headquarters before dawn: the campfire will be roaring with all the cowboys gathered and waiting for breakfast, by the ranch cooks.  After the cowboys eat, we will partake in the wonderful, authentic cowboy breakfast.  When the dawn light starts to shine, the cowboys will go to the “catch” pens to rope their horses that they use for that day.  We will travel in trucks to the gathering locations to photograph the cowboys driving cattle into the mountains and canyons.  Horses will be kept around Headquarters and the herd will be easily photographed.


You will get to experience the historical cowboy way of life and document it through the lens during this unique opportunity.  This is a real working ranch. Unlike previous workshops, we will have some alloted time to ask the cowboys for portrait shots.


- Workshop is produced by Vicki LeBlanc and supported by Nikon, ThinkTank, Mpix, and Red River Paper.


- For reservations send email to or call 713-569-1366.


- Non photographer companion can be arranged, fee will apply.




Shooting West Texas photography workshops are limited to a small group of attendees.  The cost of the main day workshop is $750.00; a non-refundable deposit for $375.00 is necessary to reserve your spot for the workshop. The balance of your workshop is due, either by check or credit card, before the first day. Each add-on workshop day is $350.00.  Night photography at the historic fort or o6 Ranch Headquarters is $125.00.



If you can't attend the workshop you registered for, your deposit will be forwarded to the next workshop offered.  Deposits are non-refundable.



You must sign a Release of Liability form before the workshop begins with Shooting West Texas and Kokernot o6 Ranch. We cannot be made responsible for any student’s health issues. Photographing in ranch situations can be dangerous. You should be in reasonably good health to handle the high altitude.



All workshop participants accept full responsibility for personal injury and or personal losses during the period of the workshop. Applications and payments are an acknowledgment of the terms and conditions as outlined in this document. Shooting West Texas, Vicki LeBlanc, are not responsible for injuries resulting from a participant’s carelessness, or for loss or damage to personal property before, during or after the workshop has been attended. This includes all damage to person or property due to accidents, delay in itinerary, or expenses incurred due to theft. Payments, including deposit, for the workshop offered by Shooting West Texas Photography Workshops mean the depositor has read this document and agrees to be bound by the above terms and conditions. I have read the above paragraph concerning the policies and procedures, cancellation policy, health and limits of liability. I agree to hold Shooting West Texas Photography Workshops and Vicki LeBlanc harmless according to the above paragraphs. I also agree to be bound by the above terms and conditions, and wish to participate in the photography workshop.


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